Does not our world needs a very different type of leadership from the types of leaderships we are presently witnessing? How would like to work for and serve this kind of leader?
If you are in any position of leadership would you be willing to risk being this quality of leader and exercising this radical leadership? It may appear strange to begin with those around you will talk about it for all kinds of reasons!
Living this kind of life affects not only the disciple but also affects and influences those around us.
Jesus Christ is calling men and women to be more than mere listeners.
He is calling us to be salty disciples, salting the earth, promoting the growth of what is good, and preventing the spread of that which is bad.
“He who has ears to hear, let him hear.” Jesus is calling us to pay attention. This is important for service and ministry in the Kingdom of God.
Here is a quality of leadership with value and influence and integrity which our world is so in need of in these current times. Can you risk rising to the critical need of the hour.
Jesus continues to teach His disciples as he prepares these men with such potential for leadership, that you are not only salt, and the salt of the earth but you are the light of the world.
The fruitful life is like a lamp.
That seed which germinates and grows transforms that man into a lamp.
The main purpose of a lamp is to shine and to illumine and to enlighten.
The true disciple of Jesus Christ is like a lighthouse. He gives light to guide other travellers, but he also warns of the dangers.
Not everybody appreciates the second aspect of the lighthouse.
To hide the light which God gives us is sin. To cover the light which we have received is wrong. To refuse to share the light which Jesus has given us, can lead to all kinds of dangers for us – as well as for people around us.
One task we have in this nation just now is to let people know that God is God.
What does God think of Child Abuse and abortion and drug addiction and persecution and injustice and also the church compromising His Holy Word?
These, and many more areas, are areas of darkness, where He calls disciples to shine, and to be lights. We have a responsibility to speak up and to speak out, and to be writing and challenging and confronting authority at times, risking entering into areas of confusion and darkness.
The lamp is only useful when it is shining. A torch must have a battery.
These old lamps were oil filled. Their fuel was oil, olive oil, and it would be regularly checked and fuelled and filled to keep shining.
That is why we need the oil of the Holy Spirit, and to be filled with the Holy Spirit.
If the lamp is going to continue to shine it must have a constant and regular supply of oil. If we do not take in we cannot give out. We will flicker and fade and wither, and soon go out. That can happen quite easily, and it can happen without our realising it until it may be too late.
We are here to make a difference to the whole world, and you only need a little salt or a little light.
It is the ministry of the lighthouse, guiding people into the safety and security of the harbour, or warning them of the dangerous rocks on which they could be shattered and splintered and sunk.
We must never hide our light. We are given light to enlighten the world. To have this influence we must never withdraw from the world.
Just as Jesus came and became involved in society we too are commanded as His followers to be involved in society
We must not blame the meat of society for going rotten if the preserving salt has been withdrawn, or the world for getting darker, if the light is not shining.
This applies to every area of life. It has been said that if the world is in the soup, then that is where the salt should be. Leaders have to be dealing with the injustices, and the hunger and homelessness, and the persecuted Church.
And yet, we should not permit all this to make any of us to feel daunted, or overwhelmed, by the scale of the problems or the enormity of the task and calling, because it has been so since Jesus Christ came and began His ministry, and since Jesus Christ birthed the Church.
There is another point here. While not withdrawing from the secular world in any way, if we are to be effective in our Christian influence we must remain distinctive form it. The salt is different from the meat. The light is different from the darkness.
The aim of the disciple of Jesus and his goal is that men may glorify God.
We are to display and demonstrate the fruit of the spirit – that love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control – for such there is no law.
We are taught to do our praying and fasting and giving in private, but our good works and our social involvement we do before men that men may come to God.
Jesus says, “You are the salt of the earth and the light of the world”. We have no choice.
Yes, we have to be able to get alongside others and influence people for Christ, but one of our main tasks is to be light in the darkness.
This is why our leadership must be different and where there has to be no self interests and no hidden agenda.

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