Sophisticated traveler

As you board the plane, set the tone for the rest of the flight. Accept flight attendants with a smile and a warm “hello”. If you are only allowed one carry-on item, do not carry more. Do not rotate other people’s objects to cram your own items into the overhead bin.

Claude is nothing more than a slogan to carry a department store shopping bag. Pack an extra collapsible bag with you on your return trip to handle your overflow purchase. If you are wearing a backpack, avoid traveling passengers while searching for your seat. Once you find that seat, you have to bother the other passengers while you sit.
No one appreciates the traveler.

The flight attendant speaks loudly during the security lecture, thus denying the necessary information to inexperienced passengers with white knees unfamiliar with security policies.

Spreads out the newspapers while sitting in the “sandwich seat” between the other two passengers.

Plains Magazine participates in the rack and grabs all the good magazines, giving nothing to read other than Whale Watchers International.

Sees flight attendants with insults. Hitting the hostess or displaying drunken behavior will cause you to vaguely flee the plane. Flight attendants are given good discretion to avoid disruptive behavior. The Air Transport Association “The airline has the right to reject the boarding or request the removal of the passenger if the passenger’s behavior is abusive towards other passengers on board.”

  • Chat non-stop on the phone.
  • The toilet leaves cluttered.
  • Overcome the scent.
  • Put shoes on the seat cushion.
  • It takes two armrests.
  • The other occupied some part of the passenger seat.
  • Adjusts the seat to silence.
  • Constantly talking to another passenger trying to get some work done.
  • Suppose fellow passengers and attendants are on a plane for their entertainment.

Chatterbox showing

Learn when not to know other people’s body language and speaking. If your attempts to talk short talk are completed with short answers and no further questions, you should get a hint. If your fellow traveler starts reading a book or working on a computer, the signal is clear. By the same token, you do not have to talk to fellow travelers to tell unwanted gossip. To discourage others from talking to you, turn on your iPod or open the magazine. If you chat with them for a few minutes, you may say with a smile, “I’ve so glad to talk to you, but I’m dying to finish this work.”

When you travel by plane, do not check your manners with your luggage. If you convey the same idea to other travelers, your travel experience will be relaxed and stress-free.

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