With a population of 584,000 in 2007, Rotterdam is located in the vast delta of the Rhine and is the largest port in Europe. It is the second-largest city in the Netherlands next to Amsterdam, but Rotterdam certainly has a unique charm that makes it an excellent tourist destination. Four million people come to Rotterdam every year.

The city center was destroyed mainly at the beginning of World War II, and the city was rebuilt with a view to the future. Thus Rotterdam is a modern city compared to its European contemporaries and has an imposing modern architecture. The town is famous for its impressive horizons. It is a 524-foot-tall residential building in the Netherlands, as well as a 520-foot-tall office building, known as Delft Port. Another popular feature of the Skyline is the 610-foot Euromast Tower, a top-rated tourist attraction.

Rotterdam worked hard to make it an attractive destination and was awarded the title of European Capital of Culture in 2001. The city is also rich in museums, most of which include the Maritime Museum, which houses over half a million exhibits. The Linzaban Pedestrian Shopping Area stands out with much fantastic shopping, as well as many excellent specialty restaurants. Be sure to visit the Oceanium, which is a vast marine aquarium, especially the terrifying shark tunnel.

Do not miss the famous Star of Fame, which describes in concrete 200 international celebrities with “Star Boulevard.” The harbor is particularly well lit and impressive at night – before you leave Rotterdam, you will need to take a cruise on the colorful “Pancake Boat,” where you can travel around the cityscape and all the pancake ports you can pack overnight. When.

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